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The Southern Coast

A region south of the Great Shigan Sea


The Southern Coast is located along the southern edge of the Great Shigan Sea, and it is a region which could serve as the nucleus for an expanding network of coastal trade, or it could fall into rampant chaos. Wainfort is the most powerful local Stronghold, a well-secured community of some 200 sentient beings of all types, under the generally well meaning, if occasionally harsh, rulership of Hizzoner Damayer Jon Koleford The twisted ruins of “The Deecology” lie somewhat to the west, mostly half-sunken in the Sea.

Local Threats

Apart from the usual randomness, the major sources of regular strife in the area come from the scattering of Bloodger cantons in the region, regular ratman runs into the Deecology ruins (stopping to waylay any vulnerable travelers they may come upon en route), and persistent rumors that the Annihilation Army is becoming active once again.

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